In Maine: IBEW Local 1837
16 Old Winthrop Road
Manchester, ME 04351
Phone: (207) 623-1030, Fax: (207) 621-8384
In New Hampshire:
680 Central Avenue, Suite 201
Dover, NH 03820
Phone: (603) 743-1652, Fax: (603) 743-1654

About IBEW Local 1837

IBEW Union Local 1837 is proud to represent approximately 1,600 working men and women all over Maine and New Hampshire. Most of our members work at electric utilities or broadcasting stations throughout the two states. We work at companies such as Central Maine Power, Public Service of New Hampshire, and WGME-TV 13, just to name a few!

IBEW Union Local 1837 maintains two offices to better serve our members—one in Manchester, Maine and the other in Dover, New Hampshire. The office in Maine includes a separate building with a conference room and meeting area for union programs and training sessions.

Members elect a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and eleven Executive Board members from among the ranks. These members oversee finances and financial decisions of the Local, and oversee the performance of committees within the Local.

The Local is served by six paid staff.

  • A Business Manager is elected by the membership. The Business Manager, an Assistant Business Manager and a Business Representative head negotiation committees at all represented companies, handle higher level grievances, advise and assist stewards, and oversee the daily functioning of the Local.

  • An Organizer also serves as a Business Representative and works full-time overseeing communications within the Local and outside, editing the newsletter, updating the website, assisting members with union projects, encouraging member involvement with issues the union is pursuing, and working with people who want to join the union.

  • A full-time office manager and a part-time secretary serve as clerical support to the staff and executive board.

Approximately 150 Stewards handle daily issues in the workplace. Stewards help members understand the contract, help members with grievances when the contract is violated, share information, and keep union officials and staff informed about issues and conditions in the workplace.

Many interested members also volunteer for union committees and programs. There is an active safety committee at the Local level and some union members participate as union representatives on safety committees at the companies where they work. Members at several companies serve on benefits committees which assist with union research into benefit options for members, interested members serve as union/company liaisons for local United Ways, and members sometimes participate in lobbying legislators or Congress about issues affecting our work lives or our union. Our first website was created by a volunteer, and union volunteers also participate in area Central Labor Council activities.

Thirteen unit meetings are held throughout the two states each month (except during the summer months or during storms when some meetings may be suspended). Unit meetings are presided over by members elected by the unit. Members of IBEW Local 1837 can vote for officers in their own units, and are welcome to attend any unit meetings they wish. Among other things, unit meetings are the place where members have opportunities to discuss workplace issues and develop responses to them.

Dues for IBEW Local 1837 are two hours' wages plus $19.00 per month. Dues money pays for such things as wages for staff; reimbursement for time members take off work for purposes of union business or activity; and programs, trainings and materials to assist union members in maintaining a solid and effective union in their workplaces. Dues changes must be voted on by the Local members for Local dues (the two hours' wages) or by delegates elected by the Local members for the National dues (the $19.00).