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IBEW 1837 Members Speak Out About Election in Statewide Publication



Pat Cote, Cynthia Phinney and Ray Colello from
Pat Cote, Cynthia Phinney and Ray Colello from



October 29, 2008 - Members of IBEW Local 1837 - including three elected officers of our Union - joined dozens of other labor activists in speaking out about how they planned to vote on Election Day. The "Yearbook" published by the Eastern Maine Labor Council features representatives of many labor organizations detailing their reasons for supporting the presidential ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Many also express their support for the U.S. Senate candidacy of Tom Allen. Photographs of the Brothers and Sisters in the union movement are accompanied by their own words.

IBEW 1837 members included are Robert Toole, a delegate to the Eastern Maine Labor Council; Pat Cote, Unit 11 President and E-Board Representative; Ray Colello, IBEW Local 1837 President; and Cynthia Phinney, IBEW 1837 Business Manager and Financial Secretary.

"Barack Obama has proven to be a great friend to the labor movement over many years and will make a great President," said Sister Phinney. "That’s why I plan to cast my ballot for the Obama-Biden ticket."

"McCain-Palin would just be more of the same, and we just can’t afford that," said IBEW 1837 President Ray Colello. "Susan Collins may be popular with some people, but she also supported those terrible Bush economic policies that helped get us in this mess we’re in."

"The big reason that I’m voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden is that they are for working families, blue collar workers, the families caught between the rich and the poor," said Brother Cote from Maine Public Service.

Robert Toole from Bangor Hydro has his eye on some of our negotiated benefits. "I plan to vote for the Obama-Biden ticket for a lot of reasons, most especially the fact that I’m completely turned off by the McCain-Palin plan to levy a new tax on our health insurance benefits. Talk about an attack on the middle class!"

Hot off the presses, the Yearbooks are being hastily distributed throughout Maine through local labor unions and their members.