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Professionals at CMP Vote To Join Union

On January 13, 2006 a group of 47 workers including more than a dozen in professional classifications at CMP voted to join IBEW 1837. These workers join a growing wave of white collar workers who are learning that as companies get bigger and the push for profits intensifies, they are no less subject to takeaways or disrespect than their blue- collar co-workers have been.

In recent years groups around the country as diverse as physicians, computer programmers, and graduate teaching assistants have contemplated and taken steps toward something that in this country has previously been considered the domain of the traditional working class – joining a union.The workers at CMP love their jobs, and are proud of New IBEW 1837 members at CMP review the part they play in bringing quality, reliable electric service to residents and businesses in Maine They like their co-workers, and most of them like their bosses and managers. So what’s the problem? in Manchester, Maine CMP used to be a Maine company, but in September of 2000 CMP merged with a company from New York.

Energy East, based in Rochester, owns a variety of energy companies around New York and New England, including both gas and electric utilities. Although the purchase was billed as a merger, not a takeover, workers at CMP increasingly find that decisions that used to be made in Maine now appear to be either made or at least approved in New York.