"Right to Work" Battle Returns in NH with Anti-Union Legislation

Updated February 12, 2024 -- Working families in New Hampshire are once again facing another attack on their unions.  The so-called "Right to Work" fight has been revived in Concord with two pieces of anti-worker legislation introduced at the State House. 

In early January, union members and allies from across the Granite State delivered passionate testimony against HB 1377 to the members of the House Labor Committee.  The hours-long hearing was continued to a second date in early February, where union members returned to Concord to deliver more testimony against the legislation.

Click here to read HB 1377

This renewed push for such harmful legislation comes from anti-union politicians and out-of-state special interest groups. Their objective is to cut wages and benefits for union members under the guise of "Right to Work" laws. Contrary to its name, "Right to Work" neither creates jobs nor enhances workers’ rights. It is deliberately designed to make it harder for labor unions to help workers negotiate with their employers for better pay and working conditions. It works by depriving unions of resources they need to organize and provide basic services to the workers they represent. 

A second piece of anti-worker legislation, Senate Bill 516, has not had a hearing scheduled yet.

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In 2021, union members played a key role in defeating similar legislation. In that victory, the New Hampshire House of Representatives soundly defeated “Right to Work” legislation by a vote of 199-175. That was followed by a 197-178 vote to indefinitely postpone the bill, effectively killing it until at least 2023.