CMP Unwilling to Guarantee Pay Accuracy

For the third time since transferring payroll responsibility from CMP Augusta to the Energy East facility at Pineland, CMP will be notifying a large number of employees that their paychecks were miscalculated. While some will learn that the company owes them a refund, most who recieve letters will be notified that they owe the company money.

IBEW 1837 is advising ALL members who work at CMP to check your pay stubs carefully each week to be sure that your pay is calculated correctly, and that the right amount is deducted for your 401(k).

Also be sure to cross-check with your 401(k) statements to be sure that any contributions taken from your paycheck actually do end up in your 401(k) plan.

If you are or have been notified that you owe the Company money, do not sign the authorization until you have verified where and when the mistakes were made. You have the right to request a printout of your pay stubs that shows the errors. Ask for the printout and confirm that the amount they are asking you to repay matches actual errors in your pay before you authorize the company to deduct any payment from your checks.