Scarborough Alliance

"Invest with confidence and maximize your retirement savings: Scarborough Alliance Provides Expert Financial Advice to IBEW Local 1837 Members”

IBEW Local 1837 is committed to its members’ financial security and is partnered with Scarborough Alliance, which offers a variety of investment benefits.

Scarborough Alliance acts as a fiduciary for IBEW members, meaning the advice and guidance from advisors is always structured in union members’ best interest. This is a crucial distinction from other retail financial firms, which often have a vested interest in selling products or services.

As an IBEW Local 1837 member, you have access to several investment platforms through Scarborough Alliance. One of these is the IBEW Local Unions Savings and Security Plan, which is designed for qualified investments and is primarily used as a rollover vehicle for lump sum pensions and 401(k) plans. This plan is also available to IBEW Local officers and representatives during their working years as a 401(k) plan.

The Savings and Security Plan is another option for members who want a reliable, secure investment tool. However, if your investments do not qualify for this plan, you can still benefit from the same level of service and support through the Local Union Retirement Income Program. This program was established as an alternative investment option for IBEW members, and it provides the same level of expert guidance and advice that you would receive with the Savings and Security Plan.

Margaret Pierce, New England Regional Manager, is available for free consultations with Local 1837 members.  Find out if you are on track to reach your retirement goals.