A Message from Dick Rogers

Friends, I’m excited to announce to everyone that as much as I love retirement, I’ve decided to get involved with something else I care deeply about: Central Maine Power, Versant Power (Bangor Hydro), their employees and the Maine ratepayers, not necessarily in that order.

While I will continue to consult for IBEW 1837, I’ve also accepted a part-time job with Maine Affordable Energy fighting the effort to seize CMP and Versant. Mainers need to hear the true story about the group “Our Power” and their government takeover effort and the simple fact that it is really Government Controlled Power at a cost to the ratepayers of an estimated $13.5 BILLION Dollars plus Interest.  Make no mistake, this would be controlled by politicians and be subject to changes every time there is a change in the state government leadership. The ratepayers and employees will pay the price when that happens.

Let me be clear about why I’ve accepted this job to stand up for CMP.  I’ve accepted this job enthusiastically in part because of the change in leadership at CMP.   Joe Purington, the new President at CMP, is a Mainer who understands Maine values and will address Ratepayers concerns. His resume is impressive in the utility business. In the short time he’s been in his new position he has brought all decision making back to Maine with key directors already in place, including the Vice President of Electric Operations Adam Desrosiers, another trusted leader.

I believe my 39+ years of experience at CMP, a decade as the Business Manager of IBEW 1837 and the fact I was there when this idea was initially formed give me the credibility to speak out from a very unique perspective.

In the near future you will hearing and seeing more concerning the facts about this adventure.

Thanks, Dick