NH House Bill 1238 Would Force PSNH to Sell Their Generation Assets

February 7, 2012 - IBEW Local 1837 is in complete agreement with PSNH in their opposition to House Bill 1238, a bill that could affect 186 jobs for our members at generation facilities owned by the Company. These are good-paying union jobs, and many other non-union positions could also be impacted. As PSNH indicates in their flier distributed to employees . . .

"As proposed, House Bill 1238 would force PSNH to sell off PSNH Generation plants by December 1, 2013. If approved as proposed, this bill would have far-reaching consequences for the entire state, and could impact the ability for PSNH to provide cost-effective electricity to New Hampshire electricity customers. Most importantly, PSNH would also lose hundreds of jobs if we were forced to sell off our Generation fleet."

Some of these facilities could be sold to foreign companies and others might be shut down altogether. A flier prepared by the NHPAC lists some good talking points along with the contact info for members of the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee. You can download that flier if you click on the attachment below. Members in New Hampshire should contact these committee members to state your opposition to HB1238 as soon as possible.