NH Sends "Right To Work For Less" Down To Defeat!

A tremendous effort by union members and supporters to educate legislators about the value of unions and the anti-union nature of the so-called "right to work" bill paid off when the legislature voted against the bill. Below is a listing by county of each legislator, and how they voted.


County District Representative RightWrong Party
Belknap 29 Ahern, Omer Wrong Republican
Belknap 29 Laflam, Robert Not Voting Republican
Belknap 29 Wendelboe, Fran Wrong Republican
Belknap 30 Dewhirst, Glenn Wrong Republican
Belknap 30 Fitzgerald, James Right Republican
Belknap 30 Flanders, Donald Wrong Republican
Belknap 30 Holbrook, Robert Right Republican
Belknap 30 Lawton, David Wrong Republican
Belknap 30 Nedeau, Stephen Right Republican
Belknap 30 Rice, Thomas Not Voting Republican
Belknap 31 Allen, Janet Wrong Republican
Belknap 31 Bartlett, Gordon Wrong Republican
Belknap 31 Boyce, Laurie Wrong Republican
Belknap 31 Clark, Charles Right Republican
Belknap 31 Pilliod, James Right Republican
Belknap 31 Russell, David Right Republican
Belknap 31 Thomas, John Not Voting Republican
Belknap 31 Whalley, Michael Right Republican
Carroll 4 Brown, Carolyn Wrong Republican
Carroll 4 Chandler, Gene Not Voting Republican
Carroll 4 Dickinson, Howard Right Republican
Carroll 4 Mock, Henry Wrong Republican
Carroll 5 Philbrick, Donald Right Republican
Carroll 6 Babson, David Wrong Republican
Carroll 6 McConkey, Mark Wrong Republican
Carroll 6 Merrow, Harry Wrong Republican
Carroll 7 Derby, Mark Wrong Republican
Carroll 7 Hatch, Paul Wrong Republican
Carroll 7 Patten, Betsey Wrong Republican
Carroll 7 Stevens, Stanley Wrong Republican
Carroll 8 Kenney, Bettie Right Republican
Carroll 8 Olimpio, J Lisbeth Right Republican
Cheshire 24 Batchelder, Robert Right Democrat
Cheshire 24 Eaton, Daniel Right Democrat
Cheshire 24 Laurent, John Wrong Republican
Cheshire 24 Pratt, John Right Democrat
Cheshire 25 Dunn, James Right Democrat
Cheshire 25 Espiefs, Peter Right Democrat
Cheshire 25 Fish, Douglas Right Republican
Cheshire 25 Meader, David Right Democrat
Cheshire 25 Robertson, Timothy Right Democrat
Cheshire 25 Slack, Pamela Right Democrat
Cheshire 25 Weed, Charles Right Democrat
Cheshire 26 Mitchell, McKim Right Democrat
Cheshire 26 Parkhurst, Henry Right Democrat
Cheshire 26 Pratt, Irene Right Democrat
Cheshire 26 Richardson, Barbara Right Democrat
Cheshire 26 Smith, Edwin Right Republican
Cheshire 27 Allen, Peter Right Democrat
Cheshire 27 Dexter, Judson Right Republican
Cheshire 27 Liebl, George Wrong Republican
Cheshire 27 Tilton, Anna Not Voting Democrat
Cheshire 28 Hunt, John Wrong Republican
Cheshire 28 Manning, Joseph Right Republican
Cheshire 28 Royce, H Charles Right Republican
Cheshire 28 Webber, Amy Not Voting Democrat
Coos 1 King, Frederick Right Republican
Coos 1 Stohl, Eric Right Republican
Coos 2 Brady, Mark Wrong Republican
Coos 2 Guay, Lawrence Not Voting Republican
Coos 2 Pratt, Leighton Right Republican
Coos 2 Richardson, Herbert Right Republican
Coos 2 Tholl, John Right Republican
Coos 3 Mears, Edgar Right Democrat
Coos 3 Poulin, Richard Right Democrat
Coos 3 Theberge, Robert Right Democrat
Coos 3 Woodward, David Not Voting Republican
Grafton 9 Eaton, Stephanie Wrong Republican
Grafton 9 Gilman, G Michael Wrong Republican
Grafton 10 Densmore, Edward Right Democrat
Grafton 11 Gionet, Edmond Right Republican
Grafton 11 Sorg, Gregory Wrong Republican
Grafton 12 Ham, Bonnie Wrong Republican
Grafton 13 Giuda, Robert Right Republican
Grafton 13 Ingbretson, Paul Wrong Republican
Grafton 14 Alger, John Wrong Republican
Grafton 14 Barker, Robert Wrong Republican
Grafton 15 Cooney, Mary Right Democrat
Grafton 15 Naro, Debra Right Republican
Grafton 16 Dorsett, Andrew Wrong Republican
Grafton 16 Maybeck, Margie Wrong Republican
Grafton 16 Williams, Burton Wrong Republican
Grafton 17 Benn, Bernard Right Democrat
Grafton 17 Bleyler, Ruth Right Democrat
Grafton 17 Diamond, Estelle Right Democrat
Grafton 17 Nordgren, Sharon Right Democrat
Grafton 17 Scovner, Nancy Right Democrat
Grafton 17 Sokol, Hilda Right Democrat
Grafton 17 Solomon, Peter Right Democrat
Grafton 18 Akins, Ralph Right Republican
Grafton 18 Almy, Susan Right Democrat
Grafton 18 Dudley, Terri Wrong Republican
Grafton 18 Hammond, Lee Right Democrat
Hillsborough 42 Dionne, Kimberley Right Republican
Hillsborough 42 Elliott, Larry Right Republican
Hillsborough 42 Leach, Edward Right Republican
Hillsborough 43 Adams, Jarvis Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 43 O'Brien, Lori Right Republican
Hillsborough 44 Carlson, Donald Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 44 Carter, Mark Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 44 Irwin, Anne-Marie Right Democrat
Hillsborough 44 Ross, Lawrence Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 45 Allen, Timothy Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 45 Bruno, Pierre Right Republican
Hillsborough 45 Coughlin, Pamela Right Republican
Hillsborough 45 Hallyburton, Margaret Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 46 Arnold, Thomas Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 46 Drisko, Richard Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 46 Gargasz, Carolyn Right Republican
Hillsborough 46 Haytayan, Harry Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 47 Bergin, Peter Right Republican
Hillsborough 47 Dokmo, Cynthia Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 47 Hansen, Ryan Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 47 Rowe, Robert Right Republican
Hillsborough 47 Slocum, Lee Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 47 Spiess, Paul Right Republican
Hillsborough 47 Stepanek, Stephen Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 47 Wheeler, James Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 48 Emerton, Larry Right Republican
Hillsborough 48 Fletcher, Richard Right Republican
Hillsborough 48 Holden, Randolph Right Republican
Hillsborough 48 Hopper, Gary Right Republican
Hillsborough 48 Hunter, Bruce Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 48 Kurk, Neal Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 48 McRae, Karen Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 48 Wheeler, Robert Right Republican
Hillsborough 49 Beaton, William Right Republican
Hillsborough 49 Chabot, Robert Right Republican
Hillsborough 49 Gonzalez, Carlos Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 49 Pappas, Christopher Right Democrat
Hillsborough 49 Pappas, Marc Right Republican
Hillsborough 49 Reeves, Sandra Right Republican
Hillsborough 50 Brassard, Paul Right Democrat
Hillsborough 50 Cail, Kenneth Right Republican
Hillsborough 50 Clayton, William Right Democrat
Hillsborough 50 Craig, James Right Democrat
Hillsborough 50 Greenberg, Gary Right Republican
Hillsborough 50 Hagan, Barbara Right Republican
Hillsborough 50 Katsiantonis, Thomas Right Democrat
Hillsborough 50 Laflamme, Charles Right Republican
Hillsborough 50 Messier, Irene Right Republican
Hillsborough 50 Sullivan, Peter Right Democrat
Hillsborough 50 Tahir, Saghir Right Republican
Hillsborough 51 Johnson, Lionel Right Democrat
Hillsborough 51 Pepino, Leo Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 51 Souza, Kathleen Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 52 McDonough-Wallace, Alice Right Democrat
Hillsborough 52 Palangas, Eric Right Democrat
Hillsborough 52 Sullivan, Francis Right Democrat
Hillsborough 53 Carter, Jeffrey Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 53 Desmarais, Vivian Right Republican
Hillsborough 53 Haley, Robert Right Democrat
Hillsborough 54 Baroody, Benjamin Right Democrat
Hillsborough 54 Infantine, William Right Republican
Hillsborough 54 Luebkert, Bernard Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 55 Barry, J Gail Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 55 Pilotte, Maurice Right Democrat
Hillsborough 55 Shaw, Barbara Right Democrat
Hillsborough 56 Buckley, Raymond Right Democrat
Hillsborough 56 Sullivan, Jeffrey Right Republican
Hillsborough 56 Vaillancourt, Steve Right Republican
Hillsborough 57 Goulet, Maurice Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 57 Graham, John Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 57 Hawkins, Ken Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 57 Kerns, J Edward Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 57 Moran, Edward Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 57 Scanlon, Michael Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Balcom, John Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 58 Batula, Peter Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Brundige, Robert Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 58 Christensen, D L Chris Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Fields, Dennis Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Gibson, John Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 58 Hall, Charles Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Hinkle, Peyton Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 58 L'Heureux, Robert Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Milligan, Robert Right Republican
Hillsborough 58 Mooney, Maureen Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 59 Balboni, Michael Right Republican
Hillsborough 59 Crane, Elenore Casey Right Republican
Hillsborough 59 Mercer, Robert Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 60 Ford, Nancy Right Republican
Hillsborough 60 Harrington, Paul Right Republican
Hillsborough 60 Movsesian, Lori Right Democrat
Hillsborough 61 LaFlamme, Paul Right Republican
Hillsborough 61 McElroy, Henry Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 61 McHugh, Claire Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 62 Clemons, Jane Right Democrat
Hillsborough 62 Cote, David Right Democrat
Hillsborough 62 Gorman, Mary Right Democrat
Hillsborough 62 Kudalis, Debra Not Voting Democrat
Hillsborough 62 Lefebvre, Roland Right Democrat
Hillsborough 62 Sweeney, Cynthia Right Democrat
Hillsborough 63 Allan, Nelson Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 63 Kopka, Angeline Right Democrat
Hillsborough 63 Mosher, William Right Republican
Hillsborough 64 Artz, Lawrence Right Republican
Hillsborough 64 Furman, Christine Not Voting Republican
Hillsborough 64 Price, Pamela Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 65 Cernota, Albert Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 65 Cote, Peter Right Democrat
Hillsborough 65 Jean, Claudette Right Democrat
Hillsborough 65 Konys, Christine Right Democrat
Hillsborough 65 Lasky, Bette Right Democrat
Hillsborough 65 Schulze, Joan Right Democrat
Hillsborough 66 Bergeron, Jean-Guy Right Republican
Hillsborough 66 Bouchard, David Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 66 Buhlman, David Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 66 Christiansen, Lars Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 66 Goyette, Peter Right Republican
Hillsborough 66 Jasper, Shawn Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 66 Lawrence, James Right Republican
Hillsborough 66 Lessard, Rudy Right Republican
Hillsborough 66 Malloy, Chris Right Democrat
Hillsborough 66 Ober, Russell Wrong Republican
Hillsborough 66 Tate, Joan Not Voting Republican
Merrimack 32 Jacobson, Alf Right Republican
Merrimack 32 McCormick, Tom Wrong Republican
Merrimack 33 Ouellette, Robert Wrong Republican
Merrimack 33 Perkins, Randy Right Democrat
Merrimack 33 Reed, Dennis Right Republican
Merrimack 34 Colcord, J D Right Republican
Merrimack 34 Currier, David Right Republican
Merrimack 34 French, Barbara Right Democrat
Merrimack 34 Hamm, Christine Right Democrat
Merrimack 34 Kennedy, Richard Not Voting Republican
Merrimack 34 Owen, Derek Right Democrat
Merrimack 35 Clarke, Claire Right Democrat
Merrimack 35 Dunne, Christopher Wrong Republican
Merrimack 35 Foley, Albert Right Republican
Merrimack 35 Leber, William Wrong Republican
Merrimack 35 Lockwood, Priscilla Right Republican
Merrimack 35 Maxfield, Roy Not Voting Republican
Merrimack 36 Davis, Frank Right Democrat
Merrimack 36 Field, William Wrong Republican
Merrimack 36 Rush, Deanna Right Democrat
Merrimack 37 Fraser, Leo Right Republican
Merrimack 37 Hess, David Right Republican
Merrimack 37 Langer, Ray Right Republican
Merrimack 37 L'Heureux, Stephen Right Republican
Merrimack 37 Marple, Richard Wrong Republican
Merrimack 37 Nutter, Edward Wrong Republican
Merrimack 37 Oliver, James Not Voting Republican
Merrimack 37 Soltani, Tony Right Republican
Merrimack 38 Blanchard, Elizabeth Right Republican
Merrimack 38 Daniels, Eric Not Voting Republican
Merrimack 38 Gile, Mary Right Democrat
Merrimack 38 Potter, Frances Right Democrat
Merrimack 39 Bouchard, Candace Right Democrat
Merrimack 39 DeJoie, John Right Democrat
Merrimack 39 MacKay, James Right Republican
Merrimack 39 Reardon, Tara Right Democrat
Merrimack 39 Seldin, Gloria Not Voting Democrat
Merrimack 40 Brueggemann, Donald Right Democrat
Merrimack 40 Hager, Elizabeth Right Republican
Merrimack 40 Osborne, Jessie Right Democrat
Merrimack 40 Wallner, Mary Jane Right Democrat
Merrimack 41 Anderson, Eric Wrong Republican
Merrimack 41 DeStefano, Stephen Right Democrat
Merrimack 41 Kenison, Leon Right Republican
Rockingham 73 Bicknell, Elbert Right Republican
Rockingham 73 Cady, Harriet Wrong Republican
Rockingham 73 Johnson, Robert Right Republican
Rockingham 73 Kobel, Rudolph Right Republican
Rockingham 73 Stone, Joseph Wrong Republican
Rockingham 74 Bishop, Franklin Right Republican
Rockingham 74 Smith, Donald Right Republican
Rockingham 74 Weldy, Norman Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Carson, Sharon Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Dumaine, Dudley Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Headd, James Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Hutchinson, Karen Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Introne, Robert Wrong Republican
Rockingham 75 McKinney, Betsy Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Packard, Sherman Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Smith, Paul Right Republican
Rockingham 75 Stritch, C Donald Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Belanger, Ronald Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Cooney, Richard Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Dalrymple, Janeen Right Republican
Rockingham 76 DiFruscia, Anthony Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Doyle, Christopher Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 76 Griffin, Mary Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Holland, James Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Ingram, Russell Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Manning, John Right Republican
Rockingham 76 McMahon, Charles Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Noyes, Richard Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Priestley, Anne Right Republican
Rockingham 76 Waterhouse, Kevin Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Dupuis, Roland Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Fesh, Bob Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Gleason, John Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Gould, Kenneth Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Katsakiores, George Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Katsakiores, Phyllis Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Langone, John Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Letourneau, Robert Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Rausch, James Wrong Republican
Rockingham 77 Wiley, Robert Right Republican
Rockingham 77 Zolla, William Right Republican
Rockingham 78 Flanagan, Natalie Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 78 Winchell, George Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Camm, Kevin Wrong Republican
Rockingham 79 Clark, Vivian Wrong Republican
Rockingham 79 Corbin, Corey Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 79 Duffy, James Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Flanders, John Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Hamel, Albert Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Major, Norman Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Putnam, Ed Wrong Republican
Rockingham 79 Varrell, Thomas Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Welch, David Right Republican
Rockingham 79 Weyler, Kenneth Wrong Republican
Rockingham 80 Dodge, Robert Wrong Republican
Rockingham 80 Flayhan, Mary Lou Wrong Republican
Rockingham 80 Itse, Daniel Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 80 Vallone, Matthew Right Democrat
Rockingham 81 Allen, Mary Wrong Republican
Rockingham 81 Casey, Kimberley Right Democrat
Rockingham 82 Coes, Betsy Right Democrat
Rockingham 82 Davidson, Robert Not Voting Democrat
Rockingham 82 Gilbert, Karl Wrong Republican
Rockingham 83 Gilbert, Jeffrey Right Republican
Rockingham 83 Johnson, Rogers Wrong Republican
Rockingham 83 Quandt, Matthew Right Republican
Rockingham 83 Robertson, Carl Right Republican
Rockingham 83 Roessner, Kurt Wrong Republican
Rockingham 83 Ruffner, Walter Right Republican
Rockingham 83 Scamman, Stella Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 83 Tufts, J Arthur Right Republican
Rockingham 84 McCann, Richard Right Republican
Rockingham 84 Moore, Benjamin Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 84 Morris, Richard Wrong Republican
Rockingham 84 Weare, E Albert Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 85 Bridle, Russell Right Republican
Rockingham 85 Francoeur, Sheila Right Republican
Rockingham 85 Gillick, Thomas Right Republican
Rockingham 85 Kelley, Jane Right Republican
Rockingham 85 O'Neil, Michael Not Voting Republican
Rockingham 86 Blanchard, MaryAnn Right Democrat
Rockingham 86 McEachern, Paul Right Democrat
Rockingham 86 Norelli, Terie Right Democrat
Rockingham 86 Pantelakos, Laura Right Democrat
Rockingham 86 Pitts, Jacqueline Right Democrat
Rockingham 86 Shultis, Elizabeth Right Democrat
Rockingham 86 Splaine, James Right Democrat
Rockingham 87 Dearborn, Bruce Wrong Republican
Rockingham 88 Hughes, Daniel Wrong Republican
Rockingham 88 Langley, Jane Wrong Republican
Strafford 67 Albert, Russell Right Republican
Strafford 67 Bemis, Alan Wrong Republican
Strafford 67 Berube, Roger Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Brown, Julie Not Voting Republican
Strafford 67 Callaghan, Frank Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Creteau, Irene Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Dunlap, Patricia Right Republican
Strafford 67 Grassie, Anne Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Heon, Richard Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Keans, Sandra Right Republican
Strafford 67 Newton, Clifford Wrong Republican
Strafford 67 Rollo, Deanna Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Snyder, Clair Right Democrat
Strafford 67 Twombly, James Wrong Republican
Strafford 68 Bickford, David Right Republican
Strafford 68 Campbell, W Packy Wrong Republican
Strafford 68 Cataldo, Sam Right Republican
Strafford 68 Easson, Timothy Wrong Republican
Strafford 68 Harrington, Michael Right Republican
Strafford 68 Johnson, Nancy Right Democrat
Strafford 68 Musler, George Right Republican
Strafford 68 Vachon, Dennis Right Democrat
Strafford 69 Hofemann, Roland Right Democrat
Strafford 69 Knowles, William Right Democrat
Strafford 69 Woods, Phyllis Wrong Republican
Strafford 70 Schmidt, Peter Right Democrat
Strafford 70 Taylor, Katherine Right Democrat
Strafford 70 Taylor, Kathleen Right Democrat
Strafford 71 Hollinger, Jeffrey Wrong Republican
Strafford 71 Pelletier, Arthur Right Democrat
Strafford 71 Scott, David Wrong Republican
Strafford 72 Kaen, Naida Right Democrat
Strafford 72 Miller, Joseph Right Democrat
Strafford 72 Rous, Emma Right Democrat
Strafford 72 Smith, Marjorie Right Democrat
Strafford 72 Spang, Judith Right Democrat
Strafford 72 Wall, Janet Right Democrat
Sullivan 19 Burling, Peter Not Voting Democrat
Sullivan 19 Jones, Constance Right Republican
Sullivan 20 Flint, Gordon Right Republican
Sullivan 20 Franklin, Peter Right Democrat
Sullivan 20 Rodeschin, Beverly Wrong Republican
Sullivan 21 Leone, Richard Right Republican
Sullivan 22 Allison, David Right Democrat
Sullivan 22 Cloutier, John Right Democrat
Sullivan 22 Donovan, Thomas Right Democrat
Sullivan 22 Harris, Joseph Right Democrat
Sullivan 22 Harris, Sandra Right Democrat
Sullivan 23 Ferland, Brenda Right Democrat
Sullivan 23 Phinizy, James Right Democrat