Popular Eversource System Electrician Retires After 45 Years

August 26, 2015 - It would be hard to find someone at Eversource more well-liked than Tom Rzasa, a System Electrician at 1250 Hooksett Rd. T&D who retired at the end of July after 45 years with the Company. A friendly and easy-going guy, Brother Rzasa has seen a lot of changes since he started at New Hampshire’s largest electric utility in 1970.

 “It was a much different feel back then, more like family,” Tom said. “I was there about a week when they brought me in and took my picture with people and everyone was saying hello and calling me by name. Someone said ‘Do you know who that was? That was (PSNH President) Bill Tallman.’ I thought, wow, I just started here and he knows who I am. I’m pretty sure that (Eversource CEO) Tom May doesn’t know who I am.”

Rzasa started out as a Hydro Operator at Amoskeag for a few years, then moved into the Construction Department for a 13 or 14-year stretch before settling in as a System Electrician. Through it all, he maintained a positive and upbeat attitude.

“I worked with the best guys,” he said. “We had fun and enjoyed doing the work together. 45 years went by fast. I had a great run.”

Tom looks forward to travelling with his wife Jacqueline, a teacher who also just retired at the end of the school year. They plan to visit the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful and the Hoover Dam for the first time. The Rzasas also look forward to spending more time in Maine where they love to travel to Old Orchard Beach, Ogunquit, and York Beach, where they frequently visit friends. An avid golfer, Tom will probably spend some more time on the links as well.

In his final week, Rzasa was joined by friends and co-workers for parties at work and the Derryfield Country Club. As he looks back, Tom is grateful to IBEW for what being a union member has meant to him and his family.

“Without the Union, the world would be working for $8 an hour,” Rzasa said. “They stick up for us, help put a buck in our pocket and something to retire with.”