Union Busting at CMP

Company moves workers - declares new location NON-UNION!

Apparently slithering through one legal loophole after another, CMP has announced its decision to merge the non-union Lewiston Phone Center with the Union Fairfield Credit Center to a new location in Augusta and to declare the resulting department non-union.

The move is currently scheduled to take effect November 13. Union members and officials are continuing to work against the loopholes and allow the Fairfield workers to maintain their union status. In the meantime, please read the following

Open Letter from the Union Workers at the Fairfield Phone Center:

In an effort to remind Management that we in Credit & Collection are Union Employees, will be relocating to Augusta as Union Employees, and plan on staying Union Employees, we have decided to show our solidarity by wearing blue on Tuesdays. It doesn’t matter what article of clothing is blue-shirt/blouse, pants, scarf, whatever-so long as it is some shade of blue.

Our Brothers and Sisters in both the Waterville Service Center and the Portland Call Center have expressed their desire to support us and their willingness to show that support by also wearing blue on Tuesdays. We have only begun to spread the word ……

soon we hope to have every union location at CMP showing their support by wearing blue on Tuesdays !!!!