1837 Members Excel in Negotiations Training

March 4, 2024 -- In late February, 12 members from IBEW Local 1837 participated in an intensive negotiations training session at Teamsters Hall 340 in South Portland, Maine. These members represented workers from companies including Central Maine Power, Versant Power, Eversource, and the New Hampshire Electric Co-op.

Led by educator Craig Duffy from the International Office (IO), the class aimed to equip union members with the essential skills to negotiate collective bargaining agreements effectively.

Negotiating labor contracts is a pivotal aspect of the union's work, ensuring fair treatment, wages, and working conditions for its members. Honing negotiation skills is vital for union representatives. The training provided a comprehensive understanding of negotiation techniques, tactics, and strategies. Members learned how to identify priorities, communicate effectively, and leverage their collective power to achieve favorable outcomes for their fellow union members.

A highlight of the training was the mock negotiation session, where members were divided into teams and tasked with representing either labor or management in a simulated bargaining process. Under Duffy's guidance, participants navigated through various challenges, including conflicting interests, pressure tactics, and impasse situations.