CMP and IBEW 1837 Reach New AMI Agreement

November 2, 2012 - IBEW Local 1837 and Central Maine Power Company have signed a settlement agreement that essentially resolves all remaining issues resulting from the 2010 AMI Transition Agreement and a subsequent arbitration decision in favor of the union. Automated Metering Infrastructure (or "AMI") is the system that supports the so-called "Smart Meters" which can be read remotely and are now being used by the majority of CMP's customers.

Under the new agreement, no member of IBEW 1837 will be subjected to an involuntary layoff, and all members on the recall and to-be-released lists who wanted to work for the Company were offered positions. It also includes a guarantee that nobody will be cascaded from positions they are currently in.

It’s important to note that the positions selected by the recalled and to-be-released members were jobs that those members selected themselves. Nobody was forced to take jobs just for the sake of having one, but rather, they were able to take jobs they preferred.

The Union and the Company agreed to release the following joint statement - a statement that the Company sent to CMP employees at their work email accounts:

"As we complete the integration of the AMI system into operations, we have also been working to address the remaining workforce issues associated with the project. We are pleased to announce that CMP Management and the IBEW 1837 have reached an agreement that resolves those issues amicably and with a positive outcome for all parties. This agreement will result in no involuntary lay-offs, it will avoid cascading job placements, and it will provide a job for all those on the to-be-released list and those on the recall list who have chosen to return to the company.

"We believe that technology can make CMP a better, more efficient company, yet we also recognize the challenges it creates as it reshapes the workplace. We are pleased that this agreement between CMP and the IBEW balances the benefits of new technology for our customers and company and the interests of our employees in secure employment."

(Signed by)

Sara J. Burns (CMP President and Chief Executive Officer)

Dick Rogers (IBEW Local 1837 Business Manager)

Bill Dunn (IBEW Local 1837 Assistant Business Manager)

The Union's longstanding goal has been to ensure that IBEW 1837 members keep working and not suffer layoff as a result of the AMI transition. Chief Stewards, Stewards, Union staff, and our IBEW members themselves all contributed to the success of this process. The settlement agreement resulted from good faith efforts on both sides, according to Rogers.

"I also should make clear that this could not have been accomplished without the recent commitment of the Company to try and reach an amicable resolution," Brother Rogers said. "We have always been, and continue to be, committed to building a stronger, better relationship with the Company."