CMP Payroll Issues Flare Again

CMP (Energy East) has again discovered a raft of apparent errors in their payroll system. Although the problems are apparently company wide for Energy East and include both union and non-union workers, 131 IBEW 1837 members have received letters either asking for refund of alleged overpayments or with checks for alleged underpayments. Many but not all of the errors are related to 401(k) withholdings. Others are apparently miscalculated callouts and other miscellaneous errors.

IBEW 1837 is advising members to request proof before authorizing repayment of the alleged overpayments, since the apparent unreliability of the payroll system casts doubt on the accuracy of any calculations it produces. A sample letter that members can use is available for download here. We also advise members who received checks to request the same documentation since, if it turns out the checks were issued in error, circumstances to this point would lead us to believe that the Company will request repayment.

The union has notified the Company that we wish to meet to discuss the problem and to bargain over the repayment issues. Members will be kept up to date on proceedings via the home email Union Update system.