IBEW Members at Eversource Show Support for United Way Campaign

April 7, 2015 - Eversource (formerly known as PSNH) recently held its annual United Way campaign. Pam Paquette, Utility Group – Tilton Line and Becky Johnson, Generation – Schiller Station, have been the IBEW Local 1837’s union leadership serving as cabinet members. Pam and Becky were available to go to workplace campaign drives to assist and also authored correspondence from the Local encouraging members to take part in the campaign.  

The United Way and organized labor have been partners for almost 70 years. The IBEW is a firm believer in supporting our families and neighbors and lending a helping hand when called upon. Due to busy lifestyles, a lot of us have a difficult time scheduling in some volunteer work in our communities. We still want to contribute and we find that donating to United Way and/or an agency or non-profit that has special meaning to use can be done through the company’s annual campaign of payroll deduction.

This year, Becky and I are pleased to announce our results.  Fifty percent of our members here at Eversource donated!  The amount donated was almost $45,000, which is just about $6,400 more than last year.  Leadership Level givers amongst our members also increased from six to eight.  

The company was impressed with our numbers. So impressed were two Vice Presidents, Paul Ramsey and Joe Purington, they donated five $25 NH Lodging and Restaurant Gift Certificates to be given to our participating members. A drawing was held, with two names chosen from Generation, two from Utility and one of both groups combined.

And, the WINNERS are:

GENERATION                                                                        UTILITY

Henry Noonkester – Schiller Station                                   Carol Caisse – Milford AWC

Ryan Sowle – Newington Station                                        Tim McGee – Lancaster / Field Electrician

Paul Veilleux – Generation Maintenance

Becky and I extend our sincere thanks to all our brothers and sisters that participated in the campaign this year. We’ll continue to encourage our members to donate. Keep on the lookout for us with next year’s campaign!