WGME Director Golfs in Maine Amateur Championship

Ryan Jackson's passion for golf is no secret among his fellow employees at WGME-TV in Portland, Maine.

When he's not in the control room coding and directing live broadcasts, you can bet he's out playing 18 holes at Riverside, a golf course near the station.

Jackson joined IBEW Local 1837 over six years ago when he joined the WGME-TV newsroom as an editor. He worked his way up to the challenging role of directing newscasts—a very technical and highly skilled job. While he excels in directing, his love for golf is unparalleled. Almost daily, and regardless of the weather, he sets foot on the greens, with an ambitious goal of completing an impressive 150 rounds this year alone.

This past summer, Jackson had the chance of a lifetime when he fulfilled his dream of participating in the prestigious Maine Amateur Championship in Rockland for the first time. Reaching the championship is no easy feat. It demands sheer skill and determination, with a qualifying event preceding the main tournament.

Only 132 golfers out of hundreds vying for a coveted spot made the cut this year. Although his journey in the championship didn't extend to the third round, Jackson's performance was commendable, earning him a respectable place among the top 100 participants.

He described the experience as a “dream come true,” and is already working toward next year’s championship.