Maine Legislature to Consider Lineworker Safety Act

The parents of Brent Churchill, a member of this local who died tragically while restoring electrical power after a storm in 1999, have worked with their local legislator, Representative Walter Gooley of Farmington, to propose legislation they hope will help prevent similar tragedies in the future.

The draft of the language for the bill (LD 869) became public on Wednesday, February 14.

Maine Members Testify At Lineworker Safety Hearing

Thirteen members and one family member attended the legislative hearing on March 8, 2001 at the Maine State Capitol. Seven of them gave oral and written testimony in support of the bill. Below is testimony from some of them.

Jane Allen

Dale Blethen

Joan Blethen

Bob Dodge

Dana Hayes

Bob Reed

Jane Allen's Testimony

Senator Ferguson, Representative Savage, Honorable Committee Member: