Featuring these headline stories and more:
CMP: Members Receive Lifesaving Awards After Rescue (page 1)
Eversource: Generation Assets Auction Moves Forward (page 2)
IBEW 1837: Protect Yourself: Disciplinary Interviews (page 3)
Eversource: Field Tech Negotiations Continue (page 4)
IBEW: Convention in St. Louis (page 4)
IBEW 1837: Members in NH Help Asplundh Organizing (page 5)
Sea-3: Members Ratify Two-Year Contract (page 6)
NHEC: Members Excel at NEPPA Lineworkers Rodeo (page 6)
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Featuring these headline stories and more:
Emera: Seeking PUC Approval of Sale to Calgary’s Enmax (pg. 1)
CMP: 100+ New IBEW Members w/ New Staffing Agreement (pg. 1)
IBEW 1837: Spring 2019 Steward Trainings Held (pg. 2)
Eversource: NE Apprentice Line Training Program (pg. 3)
WGME, CMP, Eversource, NHEC, Littleton: Quick Notes (pg. 4-5)
Emera & CMP: Distracted Driving Concerns (pg. 6-7)
Featuring these headline stories and more:
Eversource: New Owners Set to Acquire Generation Assets (page 1)
New Contracts Ratified at Eversource, CMP, Granite Ridge & WABI-TV (page 1 - 3)
IBEW 1837: New Union Officers Elected (page 4)
Eversource: Bill Tarallo Retires After 50 Years at Company (page 4)
IBEW 1837: Members in NH Help Defeat "Right to Work" (page 6)
IBEW 1837: Members Help Restore Power in ME, NH & FL! (page 6)
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The Current Newsletter
Featuring these headline stories and more:
NHEC: Strike Victory and New Contract Ratified (pg.1-2)
Brookfield: Member Returns From Layoff with Gratitude (pg. 1 & 6)
NextEra: Contract Extension Ratified (pg. 2)
Sea-3, Unitil, WGME: Contracts Ratified (pg. 3)
IBEW 1837: Leadership Changes/New NH Asst. Bus. Mgr. (pg. 4)
Quick Notes: Stewards Depart, Kilroy New Recording Sec’y. (pg. 4)
IBEW 1837: Weingarten Labor Rights (pg. 5)
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The Current Newsletter
Tony Sapienza took over as the Business Manager/Financial Secretary with the retirement of Dick Rogers, effective October 1, 2020. He was unopposed in the Union election held this summer. Brother Sapienza had served as Assistant Business Manager for New Hampshire the previous two years. He realizes that taking over from Dick Rogers will be a tough act to follow.
“Dick left some big shoes to fill and I’m glad that he has offered to continue to work with us and provide advice when we need it,” Sapienza said. “I’m grateful for the mentoring and confidence he has provided me.
Tony is on a... Read More
Featuring these headline stories and more:
CMP Pole-Setting Project Seeks to Recoup Work for Union
1-Year Contract Extension at NextEra; Hydro Assets Sold
Maine Public Service Customer Service Reps to Join Union
Union Helps Unitil System Operators Receive Back Pay
Bangor Hydro System Operators Ratify First Contract
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IBEW Local #1837 have been nominated and selected to serve as delegates to the International Brotherhood of
International Convention in Chicago: IBEW 1837 Business Manager Tony Sapienza, IBEW 1837 President Michelle Crocker, IBEW 1837 Organizer/ Business Representative Matt Beck, IBEW 1837 Vice Pres. Bob McNeff, E-Board Rep Kitty Kilroy, and retiree Bill Tarallo. Since the number of nominees was equal to the number of delegates for our Local, there will not be a  n election held for those seats.
If you owned coastal property in Maine or New Hampshire and weather forecasters said that a hurricane was barreling up the Atlantic Coast, you would probably batten down the hatches, stock up on groceries and flashlight batteries, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. If the hurricane passed us by, well, you could still make good use of those supplies. If we took a direct hit from Mother Nature, you’d be all set to ride out the storm.
By the same token, when the forecast calls for upcoming contract bargaining at one of our represented companies, members ought to consider getting their... Read More
Companies with employees represented by our Union have developed and revised policies related to safety protocols for COVID-19 since the early days of the pandemic and in recent months with the spread of the Delta Variant. Before the introduction of emergency use authorization vaccines, most of the policies concerned vehicle sharing, masking, testing, working remotely andmaintaining 6-ft. social distancing indoors at company facilities. With Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines readily available for anybody 12 and older willing to get “jabbed,” those policies have evolved and vary widely from... Read More